Vuente - Odoo Website Builder FAQ and Guide 002

In this short guide we take a look at using the re-sizing of your content area whilst considering the overlap and how you have the potential of what looks to be missing content. This to date has been identified or seen as different between a mobile device versus a laptop or desktop computer

How to add images to events sidebar

In this brief tutorial we show you how to use the Vuente & Odoo Website builder to add sidebar images to your events promotion area. Whilst the system comes with it's default images it really is quite simple to perform your own updates or organize your virtual team to assist

How To Not Use Odoos Website Builder For Blogs

Just got off Skype to Steven my Odoo Developer, It was that cry for help! What's happened his asked? Well I wanted to tidy up my website and make the User Experience a bit better so I deleted the blog post in the admin area of my Vuente and Odoo website builder then all of a sudden...doof... all my posts are gone! Holy crap, last back up was 4 hours ago... 1 simple lesson, 1 simple click and all that work just vanishes... sounds like we need to build a fail safe check so more members of the vuente small business Community don't come un-stuck the same way... Anyway, fortunately we have a number of recovery methods and so i continue forward... Using the Odoo website builders been pretty damn awesome, lots of people simply blown away with how quick and easy it is to drag and drop the different elements into a new page or post. I'm excited for the simple fact that I don't have as many challenging phone calls as I do answering all those techy how to questions. Meanwhile over at our Training & Tutorials page we've managed to do a fair bit of house keeping and simplification also... In fact as an Odoo user looking for more online documentation and support you simply can't pass this by, check this out Anyway, you can watch this quick video on what not to do when changing the blog posts with your Odoo Website Builder

Module Completion and Trainers


Anthony Gardiner

Anthony Gardiner is the creator & founder of SME Business Support. A man of fast paced action his video training sessions are quiet often fast paced for his team and specific community member requests to be answered before our amazing Liz adds her twist of quality and consistency across all of our traing modules.

Lara Sionil

Meet Lara, Lara has been Anthonys amazing supporter for some 7 plus years and has come to understand Odoo as a user in an amazing way. Lara works with Anthony and Liz to fast track our community member training videos.

Liz Actub

Meet Liz, Liz is our video trainer, she helps Lara and Anthony perfect our video training and tutorials so we deliver you the best and most informative information possible.